Winston's Special Easter Basket Raffle

Winston's Special Easter Basket Raffle
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NBRAN routinely takes in Brittanys requiring special medical care. These dogs are not turned away due to the excessive costs to treat their special needs but rather they are taken in with love and compassion.  Winston is one of our special needs boys and this is his story.  

 Winston was pulled from a shelter late fall in 2016.  At initial assessment he was estimated to be a 10-12 year old intact male, heartworm positive (stage 3-4), terrible teeth, arthritic, blind and deaf and his body was covered in sores.  The recommendation was to euthanize him.  NBRAN stepped in to take care of this boy in such despair.  He was taken to his foster family for hospice care; there a transformation began to occur.  Winston began to slowly wander through their home and they noticed something remarkable, he turned his head towards them when they spoke to him.  He wasn’t deaf!  They began to offer him toys by dangling the toy in front of him and he started to play.  He wasn’t blind either!  The next hurdle was to start treatment of his very serious case of heartworm which we were uncertain he would survive.  The Vet recommended a “slow kill” method to treat his heartworms which began in October and is ongoing; this process can take several months.  Lastly, his teeth were in very dire shape, which made it difficult for him to eat.  After discussions with his Vet, it was determined that Winston could withstand anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned and extracted; while under he was also neutered.  Three days following his surgery, Winston was able to eat with no problems.  Recently, Winston had bloodwork done and he was diagnosed with “pre-Cushings disease”.  We began a homeopathic treatment recommended by his vet which he is having a very positive response to. Winston still has a long road to travel but with your care and support, we can get him and many others the second chance at life they deserve.  Without NBRAN, this special, funny boy who is loving life to the fullest would have been euthanized at the shelter.  He is a senior boy grateful for the life NBRAN gave him.  In order to cover his medical costs, Winston’s fans have donated items to create a wonderful Easter Basket to raffle in his honor.  All funds collected go towards Winston’s medical needs as well as other special needs Brittanys currently in our care.

Please consider purchasing a raffle ticket to support the special needs dogs in NBRAN's care. Ticket prices are $5 for 1 or $20 for 5 tickets. Four fantastic baskets will be raffled live on Saturday, April 8th at 7:30 CT. 1st prize is valued at $500, 2nd prize valued at $100 and 3rd & 4th prizes valued at $50 each. The basket items include but are not limited to: a BJ Lewis watercolor matted ready to frame, an un-matted Brittany print, hunting dog coloring book, black metal leash holder "rescued and loved", dog travel bowl, car rescue magnet, Brittany ornaments, leather "peace, love, rescue" bracelet, Brittany lapel pin, small canvas NBRAN tote bag, set of 4 Brittany whiskey glasses, Pandora style bracelet, treat cookbook, pawprint earrings, dog blanket, Easter krinkle bunny, "All you need is love....and a dog" sign, Silk Hound designer collar, squeaky toys, JW Pet Hol-ee roller ball and much, much more.....all packed into an Ultra tote "basket." Limit one basket per winner.

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