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Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck

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Just like our human family and friends, pets impact our world and have a profound effect on us. Our beloved pets essential because another member of the family to us. And just like our human family we grieve for them when the time comes for our pets to Cross the Rainbow Bridge.

So if you struggling to heal after losing a beloved pet or have friend or relative who has lost a pet and you’re not sure how to help them grieve, then this thoughtfully created and beautifully illustrated Pet Loss deck is just what you need. This Pet deck was created and designed by licensed therapist, life coach, and mindfulness teacher Mindy Meiering, who specializes in grief and loss. Mindy developed this card deck after the devastating loss of her beloved first dog, Ellie.

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck offers:

  • 52 (5” x 4”) Cards with healing messages written by Mindy Meiering paired with custom artwork by May Frank.
  • Specific ways to support you or a loved one, grounded in positive psychology, mindfulness, and other evidence-based tools for coping with grief.
  • Meaningful ways to honor your pet's memory and the love you shared.
  • Simple and practical ideas for easing the burden of you’re grief and helping find greater peace.
  • Accessible, comforting wisdom teachings that will help guide you through the grief process.

Cost for this amazing deck is only 24.99 and includes free shipping to USA only.

International orders will pay shipping. All proceeds will helps us save Brittanys in Need!

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